zementa is a lamp concept that was designed and realised for a new slow-food restaurant which was opened in september 2012. The restaurant’s name means something like “bare” or “naked” and the ideas that the restaurant is based on are to serve simple and delicious high-quality-food, to use as far as possible locally produced ingredients and to be transparent and honest to the customers. The restaurant is supposed to be a harmonic place where people feel cosy and comfortable and where it’s just nice to spend time.

The concept that we have worked out leads into a similar direction in terms of honesty and simplicity. zementa is raw and unvarnished but still delicious. It’s just what it is without any unnecessary bits and pieces. To keep it simple but also interesting we decided to give the material a very specific and untypical look so that people wouldn’t necessarily recognise what the lamps are made of immediately – even though the colour is unchanged and the material is surrounding us day by day. zementa was made of concrete but because of its special surface texture and uncommon shape it looks – in contrast to its real properties – soft and light and its appearance reminds of a pillow or an air-mattress. zementa integrates itself gentle but still established into the restaurant’s environment and works quit well in groups as well as stand-alone.