chantal is a sideboard and was made for a restaurant in Munich, which was opened just a few days after the sideboard-construction was set up in October 2012. The mission was to create a functional sideboard that consists of a harmonic combination of a very old wood beam and some concrete. In the beginning there were a few different concepts but this one was chosen because it seemed to be the most interesting way to combine those two materials and didn’t need any additional support structure connecting the sideboard to the ground.

To put the focus on the beauty of the wood beam it had to been moved a little bit away from the wall towards the centre of the room. The newly formed space in between the wood beam and the wall was padded with a special concrete mixture. To reduce the „visual weight“ of the massive construction and to create some sort of floating and lightweight impression a quite big shadow gap was put all around the concrete body. The surface of course is not perfectly even but it works quite well like it is. The rough appearance of the sideboard completes its unique and solid characteristics.